Monday, July 21, 2014

Whatsoever Things are Honest

Today we are continuing our study on Philippians 4:8. If you would like to read the first post, Whatsoever Things are True, click on title.

Honest hearts produce honest actions
Honesty is hard to come by in today's society. People feel that it is just easier to tell a little white lie than tell the truth. And maybe it is easier. But is it the right thing to do? The honorable way?
The Bible tells us to think on whatsoever is honest, so what does that look like for us and our children?
First, you have to model honesty for your children. If they see you tell someone a little white lie, then they will feel like that is an okay thing to do. Sometimes we feel like we can justify a white lie. We don't want to hurt feelings or make someone upset. Those are our excuses.
The Bible clearly states that the Lord hates lying lips. Even if we feel the lies are justified.
Second, Philippians 4:8 states to think on whatsoever is honest, so if we already have our heart set in an honest state of mind, our actions will reveal what is in our hearts. If we continually think on things of honesty, our hearts will produce honest actions.
So, what are some ways we can encourage honesty in our children?
My children are still young and I am constantly learning, but here are some things I do to encourage honesty.
I listen and watch for lies. All of the time. It might seem extreme and that I don't trust my children, but I realize they are human, and our human nature is to sin. It usually is pretty easy to tell when they are lying, especially my four year old. I give them a chance to repent and tell me the truth. I have told my children numerous times that if they tell me a lie and they don't repent when I give them the chance to, they will be disciplined. Every. Single. Time.
This may seem cruel or unfair, but if I cannot teach them to repent of their lying lips and be honest, then how will that effect their teenage years or adulthood? It could effect their jobs, homes, marriages, etc. I want to be able to trust them and have faith in their word when they reach those crucial teenage years and I don't know about you, but I can't stand to be around an adult who lies.
There are some times when I am unsure if they are lying or telling the truth, so I will gently remind them that although Mommy doesn't know if they are telling the truth, Jesus sees their hearts and He knows.
"He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:"
Luke 16:10
I would love to hear your thoughts on honesty and teaching our children to always tell the truth. Do you set high standards for honesty in your home?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Brave Ones: David

The second person in the series, The Brave Ones, is here for you to download! Since we started off with Esther, I thought we would focus on something for the boys this time. So David it is.

David was so incredibly brave and I am excited to introduce his full story to my children. I hope this blesses you and your little's!


Click HERE for the second part of the David devotional.

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