Monday, June 2, 2014

The Brave Ones- Queen Esther {Part One}

Around my house, my eight year old girl is enamored with all things Frozen. I know some people have mixed feelings about the movie, but personally, I am fine with it. It isn't every day a modern children's movie shows the strong bonds of family and self-sacrificial love.
As much as my daughter loves Frozen, I want her to learn and hear about real-life princesses and queens that were brave, strong and selfless.
The Bible has the ultimate queen heroine. Queen Esther. She loved her people, the Jews, so much so that she potentially sacrificed her life for them. Queen Esther is first in line of my new devotional series, The Brave Ones. This series will highlight the brave women and men of the Bible. In the world today, it is hard to find brave, loving, caring women and strong, steadfast, manly men that will stand for God and His Word. I want to share these living stories with my children so they can see what living and standing for God is all about.

*This is part one of the Esther devotional. Look for part two next Monday!*

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