Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creating a Personal and Family Devotional Schedule

I have to admit that we have let devotions slide by the wayside. I am squeezing in my personal devotions here and there, but I am not being consistent with them. Family devotions have pretty much been forgotten and since I run a website for free family devotions, then I *ahem* need to get myself in order!
So I am setting up a routine/schedule for my personal and family devotions and I will let you know next week how it went! Anybody want to join me? Here are some tips on setting up a schedule.

1. Figure out the best time for you and your family
I feel like I need my personal quiet time in the mornings. Before I even get out of bed. I keep my Bible in my top drawer of my nightstand and I have been grabbing it a few mornings and reading a chapter or verse before I get up.
I know this doesn't work for some people, though, so think about what time would be best for you. Does your children still have nap time? Or perhaps you could sit outside and squeeze in your personal devotions while your littles are playing. Maybe your lunch break would be best for you.
For your family devotions, figure out when you can get everyone together. For us it is either breakfast time or bedtime. Decide on a time and do your best to gather everyone together throughout the week for daily devotions.

2. Decide What You Will Be Reading
Having a plan on what you will be reading and studying will be so helpful in keeping consistent. I know that I want to re-read the New Testament through, so I will be starting in Matthew tomorrow.
I also want to spend some time in prayer and read a few pages from A Woman's High Calling by Elizabeth George.

For our family devotions, I will be using the free devotionals from my blog and will add in little activities that I hope to share with you.
We will also be reading books and talking about ways we can help missionaries. I have some wonderful missionary books from my childhood that I hope to review on here one day!

3. Try To Be Consistent
Okay, so this is the hardest part for me. I make a plan, gather everyone together and after three days, I let devotions slide. I realize later that we are no longer doing devotions at all and I feel incredibly guilty. I just have to start back up and try a little harder the next time!

4. Give Yourself Grace
If you do miss a few days, start right where you left off and give yourself some grace. Don't beat yourself up (like I tend to do,at times.).

There it is! I hope this helps you develop a schedule for your devotions. I will keep you updated on how I am doing!

What about you? Do you have a routine for personal and family devotions?

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