Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moms, Compassion Starts With Us

Compassion, n: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

So, I will make a confession here. There have been times my children have cried for this or that and I have not felt sorry for them because I did not feel like it was a valid reason to cry. I am not talking about the times when they are crying because they are in trouble over something. I am talking about when they are really tired, hungry or just needing me. While I would put them to bed, feed them or hold them as soon as I could, I felt no compassion. In fact, I felt annoyance. Annoyance that they were whining over the littlest things.

Here's the thing though, what seems little to us, may be a huge thing for a young child. I need to keep that thought in check when my children are whiny and crying.

 Compassion needs to be extended to our children, no matter the situation. What if Jesus hadn't felt compassion on the woman at the well? She was not the best woman in the world, yet He had compassion for her and went there to change her life. Our children may be acting selfish or misbehaving, but we still have the choice to extend compassion.

It doesn't mean you do not discipline. It just means to discipline with a compassionate heart, just like our Lord does with us.

What about our husbands? Do we show compassion towards them? Our children are watching us and if they see us not showing compassion for our spouses, then they will pick that up. So the next time your husband leaves his shoes on the floor or doesn't take out the trash, show compassion and do it for him. With a smile :) I know that can be hard sometimes (and yes, I am speaking from experience!).

What are some other ways we can act out compassion in our homes? I would love hearing your answers!

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