Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Luke 12:6,7

Well, I have a confession to make! Me and my kiddos didn't get our devotions done today! Things just happened and we didn't get them read. I hope to catch up this weekend!

Devotions for January 9th

Sing Jesus Love Me and review memory verse, John 3:16,17

Read Luke 12:6,7

"We are still talking about how much God loves us. Luke 12:6,7 says that God loves the birds so much and He doesn't forget them. Well, God loves us so much more than the birds! He knows how many hairs is on our head! How many hairs do you think is on your head? Lets count! (Start counting, then finally give up!) We have so much hair! Isn't it awesome that God loves us that much?"

Pray and thank God for loving the birds and for loving us even more!

Have a blessed Wednesday and don't forget to hug your child and tell them Jesus loves them!!

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