Sunday, January 27, 2013

For The Working Moms- Making Weekends Intentional

I am straying away from devotions today and blogging about something that I have a real passion about. I have a passion for working mothers. I know how hard it is. So working mothers who want to raise Godly, responsible children are my passion.

How can we maximize the short two days we get with our family? Let's look at some things we can do.

1. Do not use Saturday to clean all day- Okay, so I am guilty of this one. It seems like I clean all day Saturday and even Sunday afternoon. I want to stop that. We are going to take an hour on Thursday or Friday and all four of us work together. I also asked if we could clean the kitchen as a family every night because it is just too much for me to do by myself with also doing lunches, baths and laying clothes out for the next day. I am hoping these two changes will make a big difference in the way I spend my Saturdays now.

2. Plan one family activity every weekend- Things that are on my list are Children's Museum, Indoor Snowball Fight, teach my daughter to sew, play board games, play messy Twister (yes, I really want to do this!), play tag, take them to the park, or just sit on the couch all day and watch their favorite cartoons! *Note- I do not advocate revolving your life around your child. I feel like children should learn to play by themselves and not expect parents to entertain them at all times. But, since I don't get to spend as much time with my children throughout the week as I would like, I want to make sure my family does one activity together.

3. Take time and read a full chapter from the Bible- If I get devotions in during the week, it is usually what I post here. Just a short verse or two. While I believe in short and sweet for the busy mom during the week, I don't want to forget the importance of slowing down on the weekends and reading my children full chapters from the Bible.

4. Hug your child as often as you can- I really miss my kids while working and I try to hug them on the weekends as much as I can. They eat it up, too! They love all the attention.

5. Take them to church on Sunday- Please, take your children to church. My parents made sure me and my brother were in church every Sunday, when possible. I look back and see that the influence of attending church has shaped my very being into who I am today. That consistent attendance has helped me to be faithful even when my husband has decided not to attend or I am feeling tired. It is extremely hard, sometimes. But I realize that I can impact my children's future by me being faithful to church. Now I am not saying you have to participate in every church activity. Don't feel pressured to do all the Bible studies, choirs and classes your church offers. Do what is comfortable for your family and leaves you with most of your time being spent with them.

I could go on and on with this post, but I will stop right here. This is just a short list at what I do and what I am going to work on doing to make my weekends intentional. Intentional about spending time with my children and teaching them about God!

What are some ways you make your weekends intentional?

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