Monday, January 7, 2013

1 John 4:9-11

How did your devotions go yesterday? I had to do ours at 6:15 yesterday morning because I leave around 6:30 for work. My two year old son ended up falling asleep during them. Lol! He had been sick over the weekend, though so was really tired.

I did my personal devotions before our family ones and I can say, having devotions in the morning did make a difference in the day, it seemed. It is hard getting up earlier (4:45) but to me worth it! Our evenings are crazy and mornings are just a better time for us.

Devotions for January 8th

Review memory verse- John 3:16,17

Sing Jesus Loves Me.

Read 1 John 4:9-11

"We are talking again today about God's love for us! Here the Bible reminds us how God sent His Son, Jesus into the world so that we can serve God and live for Him. What are some ways we can serve God?

We can serve God by reading His word and praying daily. We can serve Him by helping our brother or sister pick up their toys or help mommy fold clothes. We can serve God by thanking Him for everything He has blessed us with.

Verse eleven tells us that if God loves us, we should love one another. Sometimes it can be hard to feel love for someone when they take your toys away or say mean things to you. But even if that happens, we need to ask God to help us love them. Take time today to tell your mommy, daddy, brother and/or sister that you love them!"

End with prayer, asking your children if they have a prayer request. Even if the prayer seems silly to you (for instance for a stuffed animal), pray it. Their prayers are important to them and we need to show them that no prayer is to silly for God!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!

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