Monday, September 26, 2011

Teaching Your Child to Pray

Teaching a child to pray can be the most valuable lesson they ever learn. It comes so easy for some parents to teach their children to pray, but other times you may not know where to start.

Do you pray at meal times? Do you pray at bedtimes? Do you pray at both? Do you teach your child to pray everyday besides meal and bed times? Do you let your child pray over his/her stuffed animals, toys and things you know they may never receive? Do you guide your child in scripted prayers? Do you need to pray in front of them? How can I reinforce good prayer habits in older children?

Starting next Monday, October 3rd, I will began a month long series on teaching your children to pray. I encourage everyone to link up a blog post you have done about prayer, whether pertaining to yourself or your children. I hope to have one or two guest writers on this subject and I look forward to seeing everyone's view!

Here is the schedule for the next month-
October 3rd- To Whom We Pray
October 10th- Why We Pray
October 17th- When We Pray
October 24th- How We Pray
October 31st- Where We Pray

Feel free to share this post with your friends! I would love to spread the word on how important it is for our children to learn how to pray.
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  1. So true, Melissa. Our children need to know how to "boldly come before the throne of grace".
    Thanks for this post.
    Blessings in Him,


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